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Starcrest Cleaners has been providing dry cleaning service to the greater West St. Louis Metro Area for years! Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail when cleaning your clothes has been two major reasons why more and more people are choosing Starcrest! Our unique process & solvents allows us to remove stains, clean your professional wardrobe, all while taking care of the environment with our commitment to green resources.

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Choosing the right dry cleaner is important in the care of your clothing items. If you want your clothes to last, you must use proper cleaning techniques. Our unique cleaning processes allow your clothes to return like new each time you drop them off!


Starcrest Cleaners in St. Louis are the recommended dry cleaners in Washington, Ballwin, and O'Fallon, MO and are dedicated to providing quality services every time.  We are always thinking ahead in both current and future effective dry cleaning techniques. Starcrest Cleaners has convenient locations throughout St. Louis and modern facilities to make your experience positive and hassle-free.


Once our dry cleaners receive clothing to be cleaned, our customers are able to relax and go on with their days. It is in other aspects of the service, like how our customers are treated at the front counter, how little they have to wait for their clothes, how clean their clothes are, and how favorable the general experience is. When service-oriented dry cleaners in the St. Louis Metro Area such as Starcrest Cleaners excel in providing quality dry cleaning services, everybody wins. Starcrest Cleaners has mastered the process not only of dry cleaning but also excellent customer service.


Professional Dry cleaners in the St. Louis Metro Area


Our team at Starcrest Cleaners is continually identifying ways to make your dry cleaning experience better & more convenient. For example, we guarantee that your clothes will be ready by 5 pm, but we usually have them done before this time. We send a text message to you the moment your clothes are available for pick-up. This gives you real-time information, keeping your day efficient & focused on the things that matter. For your convenience, you can inquire from the representative at the counter about setting up text alerts for your items.


In addition to the convenient method of communication offered by this professional drycleaner in St. Louis, an innovative drive-thru service is provided by Starcrest Cleaners. Starcrest takes customer service to the next level with this drive-thru service offered at our locations. Moreover, we will even hang the clothes in your car for you so you don't need to even get out! Just sit back and allow us serve you - this type of quality service can only be offered by the best.


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Quality, affordable, and convenient services are what we provide best. You can count on Starcrest Cleaners for great dry cleaners located in the following cities:



When it comes to professional dry cleaning that cares for your clothing, Starcrest Cleaners delivers - Contact us today.


Reliable Dry cleaners in St. Louis


Reliable dry cleaning services can only be provided by a trusted name in the industry. Starcrest Cleaners has built its name around a culture of quality services and unmatched customer service. When it comes to providing top-notch care to our clients and their clothing, we have sat down and intently analyzed what the customer needs to streamline the dry cleaning process. In this way, we deliver quality customer service, and our customers get the best treatment from a dry cleaner they will ever experience.


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