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Every time you need drycleaning services - your favorite suit has a stain, your wedding gown is going to be used again, or you just used your tuxedo to a party and need to store it - you can count on Starcrest Cleaners. This drycleaner is trusted by the community to provide quality drycleaning services that make clothes look like new. As a family-owned and operated company, we are aware of the importance of a good drycleaning service, as we would surely want our daughters' dresses, fathers' suits, or mothers' gowns to be in excellent condition before they are worn or stored. Therefore, as a professional drycleaner in Ballwin MO, we take drycleaning to a professional level to ensure quality and clean garments.


Drycleaning is one of the things that Starcrest Cleaners does best, among other services such as shirt cleaning, wedding gown cleaning, and household services. While others might think that hiring the drycleaner with the lowest price is the best way to choose one, some others value the memories that come with the clothes so much that they would go for quality instead of price. Thus, at Starcrest Cleaners, we go the extra mile to make sure that your clothes are in top condition. For example, we inspect your garments for missing or cracked buttons and replace them to the best of our abilities. That's how we show that we are serious about keeping your clothes looking new and beautiful. Starcrest Cleaners should be your drycleaner in Ballwin MO.




Drycleaning ProcessOur Drycleaning Process


As soon as the dryclean garments arrive, they are inspected for any spots, and then a heat seal is added to them so that they can be assigned to their owners. When the clothes reach production, our certified stain removal experts treat them for any pre-existing stains. Our certified dry cleaners then clean the garments in a solvent-based cleaning solution. And because we are a green cleaner, we do not use PERC in our machines. Thereafter, our pressers hand-press the garment using our soft steam pressing equipment to ensure a quality finish. Finally, the garments are inspected, placed on a hanger, and then scanned to the different locations before being bagged with one of our bio-degradable plastic garment bags.


Some special fabric that may incur damage when dry-cleaned or those that may have excessive staining may require wet-cleaning, which is a similar process but does use water. These types of garments are cleaned through machines that have been programmed for wetcleaning, which means that the machines have been set up specifically for silk, rayon, polyester, and wool. Furthermore, the machines use special chemicals used at specified amounts for the cleaning. In this way, we can clean any fabric delicately but thoroughly. Our drycleaning services in Ballwin are both reliable and convenient.


Your Reliable Drycleaner in Ballwin MOReliable Drycleaner in Ballwin


Starcrest Cleaners is proud to be the drycleaner of choice in Ballwin. Through our efficient services, we can help many clients have clean and beautiful garments. We also take pride in being a leader in the cleaning industry. Our excellent locations, streamlined processes, and professional staff allow us to provide superior customer service and amenities that are perfect for our customers’ busy lifestyles. Let Starcrest Cleaners be your drycleaner in Ballwin. Trust us today to provide quality drycleaning services that you would never regret.


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