DryCleaners in Washington, MO

DryCleaners in Washington, MO


Drycleaners in Washington MO


As you invest significantly on special clothing, you should also remember to take care of your investment. Your choice of drycleaner in Washington can primarily affect how you take care of your special clothes. Choose one with cheap services or a poor record may mean hastened ageing of your clothes. On the other hand, a reliable drycleaner that is trusted by the community can bring convenience and peace of mind. Therefore, in your search of drycleaners in Washington MO, Starcrest Cleaners should be the first in your mind. With our bright ideas in drycleaning unknown to most of the other drycleaners in the area, you can experience a revolutionized drycleaning service that's designed for you.


Starcrest Cleaners is the leading drycleaner in Washington MO. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand the importance of protecting your clothes by keeping them clean before you store them. We are the perfect match for your busy lifestyles. Our dry cleaning services are designed with you in mind. This means convenient features are offered to minimize the time you spend in our store. It's not that we don't want you! It's just that we know you have other more important things to take care of, so we minimize transaction time through the use of technology and the different features of our services. Starcrest Cleaners is you drycleaner in Washington.




Quality Drycleaning in Washington MOA Great Drycleaner in Washington


When you choose a drycleaner, the first thing on your mind should be your clothes. That is, you should select a drycleaner who is able to take care of your clothes as if they were his own. The drycleaning process can be quite standard in general, with a few preferences of materials and other considerations by different drycleaners. However, how we deal with your clothes that sets us apart from other drycleaners in the area. With Starcrest Cleaners, your clothes brought to a production plant where strict standards are maintained by state-of-the-art computer drycleaning machines that do not use PERC. Finally, your clothes are brought to a stainless steel plate and soft steam pressing equipment so they can have the finish you want.


Green DrycleanerGreen Drycleaner in Washington


At Starcrest Cleaners, we are proud to be advocates of the environment, which we believe to be very important especially in our industry. For example, our production plants are designed to be environment-friendly. Our facilities are equipped with steam reclamation, water chilling towers, hot water holding tanks, high efficiency light bulbs, and 100% self-contained dry cleaning machines. These features allow us to operate our plants while minimizing environmental impact.


Our wastewater and detergent are not the only foci of Starcrest Cleaner's green initiatives. We also invest more in our plastic garment bags to ensure that they are degradable. Now, disposing of our plastic garment bags becomes guilt-free because they are engineered to degrade in the ground within two years. In case you want to return your hangers, then we can gladly take them back along with the plastic bags.


Your Reliable Drycleaner in Washington MOReliable Drycleaner in Washington MO


Starcrest Cleaners offers next day service in Washington MO. More importantly, we are open 7 days a week to serve you. This allows you to free up some of your time during the week by dropping your drycleaning during the weekends. Lastly, our valet drive-through service makes drycleaning as easy as possible. We also text you as soon as we are done with your garments ahead of time. All of these amenities are geared toward you satisfaction. Let us pamper you with our quality services. Trust Starcrest Cleaners to be your drycleaner in Washington today.


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