Dry Cleaning Throughout the St. Louis Metro Area

Dry Cleaning in St. Louis Area

Convenient Dry Cleaning Throughout the St. Louis Metro Area


Quality dry cleaning is offered by a leader in the St. Louis metro area - Starcrest Cleaners. We have many convenient locations that offer full dry cleaning services, have quick & easy drive through service, and all provide text alerts to let you know exactly when your clothes are ready for pickup. With fast turnaround times and high-quality cleaning, it’s easy to see why Starcrest is the trusted provider of dry cleaning services in the greater St. Louis area.


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More About the Dry Cleaning Process

Typically, dry cleaning involves a complex process using a variety of chemicals to remove oils, dust, and dirt from a piece of clothing. Contrary to its name, dry cleaning is not a completely dry process. Starcrest Cleaners offers a dry cleaning process that uses fluids such as solvents infused into the fibers of the clothing. Then, these solvents extracted together with the unwanted particles and fluids that remain in the clothes.

Although different dry cleaners use a variety of methods in cleaning clothes, all dry cleaning machines have the same basic parts. These cleaning machines consist of a tank that holds the cleaning solvent, a pump that circulates the solvent through the machine, a filter that traps solid particulates, and a cylinder where the garments to be cleaned are placed. In the St. Louis area, Starcrest Cleaners has dry cleaning machines that are up to the task of handling large amounts of load with varying degrees of cleanliness. Dry cleaning at Starcrest Cleaners is performed with the latest technology.


Professional Dry Cleaning Services in O'Fallon, Ballwin, and Washington MO


As mentioned earlier, Starcrest Cleaners offers professional dry cleaning using state-of-the art equipment that uses a triple filter/distillation process to ensure that the solvent is crystal clear. In our locations, these machines are capable of performing large-scale dry cleaning, so you won't have to worry about high volume filling up our machines. These machines are consistently maintained to operate at high efficiency. At Starcrest Cleaners, you can count on our processes and equipment to provide quality, prompt, and efficient services.


Our dedication to providing excellent dry cleaning in cities throughout the St. Louis metro area has brought convenience to communities here. At Starcrest Cleaners, we believe that team effort allows us to bring the best service to all of our customers. That is why our staff always wears a smile when dealing with clients. All dry cleaners may claim to do the same thing - clean your clothes - but only Starcrest Cleaners can provide the best experience. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we won't stop improving our services for you. Count on Starcrest Cleaners for quality dry cleaning services.


Work With the Trusted Name in Dry Cleaning

If you want your clothing items to receive the utmost care, then count on Starcrest Cleaners for any of the following:


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Expert Dry Cleaners in Washington, O'Fallon, and Ballwin MO


Starcrest Cleaners values your time. That is why our convenient dry cleaning is the perfect match for your busy lifestyle. We provide same-day dry cleaning and shirt service from Monday to Saturday, and we will even send you a text message when your clothes are ready for pickup! Whether you require dry cleaning, shirt service, or other cleaning services, you can count on our help. We constantly keep an eye out for areas of improvement so we can introduce innovations that can enhance our dry cleaning services. Starcrest Cleaners is the name to remember for quality dry cleaning.


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Starcrest Cleaners in St. Louis, MO

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