When you arrive, we inspect each garment for spots or stains. After inspection, a heat seal with your name is added to your clothing. Next, the garment is treated for any stains that might be found. Using a solvent-based solution for cleaning, our certified dry cleaning machines clean the garments. Our green cleaning method does not use PERC. Next, the garment gets hand pressed by our hand pressers thus ensuring a professional finish. Finally, your garment is scanned and inspected while being placed in a biodegradable bag with a hanger. 

Depending on the level of damage, you garment may need to be “wet cleaned.” This means that water will be used in the cleaning process. Specially programmed machines have been set up to use special chemicals in order to clean silk, polyester, and wool. 

We offer drycleaning services to all of St. Louis and the surrounding area, including Ballwin, O'Fallon, & Washington!


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