When you arrive, we inspect each garment for spots or stains. After inspection, a heat seal with your name is added to your clothing. Next, the garment is treated for any stains that might be found. Using a solvent-based solution for cleaning, our certified dry cleaning machines clean the garments. Our green cleaning method does not use PERC. Next, the garment gets hand pressed by our hand pressers thus ensuring a professional finish. Finally, your garment is scanned and inspected while being placed in a biodegradable bag with a hanger. 

Depending on the level of damage, your garment may need to be “wet cleaned.” This means that water will be used in the cleaning process. Specially programmed machines have been set up to use special chemicals in order to clean silk, polyester, and wool.

We offer dry cleaning services to all of St. Louis and the surrounding area, including Ballwin, O'Fallon, & Washington!


Industry-Leading Dry Cleaning Facilities:

Our dry cleaning service in O'Fallon MO is a time-tested, solvent-based process that uses advanced chemistry to dissolve grease and to lift and remove different kinds of organic and inorganic stains. For optimal results, each piece is uniquely treated to remove a wide variety of stains, which include ink, lipstick, ink, coffee, blood, food, grease, wine, and even toothpaste.

Our facilities are equipped with steam reclamation, water chilling towers, hot water holding tanks, high-efficiency light bulbs, and 100% self-contained dry cleaning machines. These pieces of equipment allow us to operate our plants while minimizing the negative impact of our operations on our environment.


Drive-Through Dry Cleaning Service around St. Louis, MO

You have a busy day ahead, and the only way to get everything done is to accomplish them as efficiently as possible. Along with our convenient locations, we have drive-through dry-cleaning services at each of our St. Louis locations. Save precious minutes in your schedule, leaving you with more time to enjoy your day, rather than endlessly running errands.

View Locations Near You

With drive-through dry-cleaning in St. Louis, no longer will you have to worry about long lines or slow service. With this service, your errands will be completed in the shortest possible time. Find one of our convenient St. Louis locations near you today!


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