Traditional Laundered Shirt Service

With our most popular and cost-efficient process, we are able to clean oxford style button down dress shirts! Made up of cotton or polyester with durable plastic buttons, these everyday business shirts can withstand aggressive cleaning and pressing. Upon receiving your shirts, we will check your clothing for any problems then pre treat all cuffs and collars. After that, we will ask which type of starch you would prefer. We offer none, light, medium, heavy and cowboy starch options. Our machines are programmed to provide the same amount of starch every time. (Note: It is found to be best to alternate the levels of starch between washes to prevent starch build up.) After starch is applied, the shirts get pressed on an advanced shirt machine. They then get inspected for any imperfections. Once fixed, we bag, scan and send them off to a clothing rack in the store. 


Executive Shirt Service

Our Executive shirt service is perfect for your tailored and custom shirts due to it being more delicate and in depth. This process is designed to give your shirts the attention that they deserve. This process will either use dry or wet cleaning based on which material they are made out of. After cleaning, the shirt is dried on a delicate dry cycle before it is pressed by hand with soft steam. We use this process for shirts such as Tommy Bahama, Bugacchi and Robert Graham. The materials this process is used for includes: Silk, Rayon, Wool and 100% Linen.

Other Accessories: Wood buttons, painted designs, snaps, etc.




Why does my shirt have to go through executive shirt service?

The reason many shirts must go through this process is to avoid damage to the clothing. In other processes, there is a risk of having the garments that are made of silk, rayon and wool becoming wrinkled or damaged. Also, shirts with painted designs come off during the hot iron plates. If your shirt has wooden buttons, they may become damaged by the hot plates due to the pressure asserted on them. Finally, small shirts may not fit into our presses therefore they have to be done by hand which is also why women’s blouses often times have to be hand presses or they will be torn. 

Why does executive shirt service cost so much more than traditional shirt service?

During laundered shirt service, we use automated hot iron plates to press the shirt while it is still wet. Because of this, we are able to produce shirts at a much quicker rate. This reduces the labor involved and allows us to pass the cost savings onto our customers!

During executive shirt service, shirts are wet cleaned and/or dry cleaned then dried on a delicate, humidity sensing cycle before the pressing process begins. These shirts are then hand pressed with soft steam. Due to the time required and increased labor, the overall cost to produce a shirt through the executive process is significantly more than through traditional shirt service.

Why can't I get starch on my executive shirts?

Starch is injected into the wash cycle during laundered shirt service. The shirts are then pressed while wet. The heat from the iron plates dries the shirt and activates the starch. This gives the shirt its crisp, stiff feel. 

During the executive process, a hot iron plate is not being used to dry and activate the starch in the shirt, our only starch option is a spray starch the shirt during the pressing process. This does give the shirt a crisper feel, however, it is a much softer and a different feel than heavy starched shirts from the traditional process.


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