Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Given their unique nature, wedding dresses are always treated with their own special process. Depending on the material, beading, soiling, etc., they may be dry or wet cleaned.


Each wedding dress is inspected upon arrival to our store and treated for any pre-existing stains. Fully cleaning a wedding dress takes a lot of time and we make sure to put all of the effort needs into making your wedding dress glow as it did the day you bought it. After an initial cleaning, we have another inspection before the pressing process begins. Each dress will be hand-pressed, placed on a bust form, hung, and covered with a protective bag.


If you choose to have our staff preserve your dress, we will then place it in a preservation box with acid-free white tissue paper for maximum preservation. All preservation boxes come standard with a plastic viewing window for you to look at time and time again. It typically takes from one to two weeks to fully clean and process a wedding dress as we want to always provide the absolute best service for your most prized piece of clothing. 




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